Workshops - Masterclasses
All sessions are possible in a 60 min materclass or up to 120 min workshop format.
Step Ping-Pong
Creating perfectly balanced tap free step choreography isn't an easy task when not using the right tools. In this workshop we'll go over some simple teaching techniques to create symmetrical step patterns and build blocks in a way they go smoothly from right to left like a ping pong game.
Same (step) But Different
Layering is the most powerful tool in step teaching. It gives the participants a logical delivery process of the choreography; it help the instructor teach a multilevel class possible and also can be used as a creativity tool to put together new choreography ideas. How can all of this be done? Well... you'll have to join Yoav and see yourself! Monday morning choreography is guaranteed.
Step 24
Bored of the regular structure of 3 blocks of 32 counts? Here is an idea! 4 blocks of 24 inspiring choreography counts with some holding patterns in between and your Monday morning class will look totally different.
Step & Dance
Whether you are step addict that looks for new excitement in your step sessions or if you love to dance but never thought of trying it on stepů This session will reveal the way to combine dance moves into your step routine and still keep your choreography well balanced and symmetrical, broken down and tap free.
Advance steppers only!!!
You have been teaching them for years... it seems they can do everything... and you wonder what can get them excited again... For the first time you can join Yoav to a true advance step & dance adventure! No restriction, lots off creativity, challenging choreography and flawless breakdown. Warning!!! No "it's too complicated" remarks will be accepted :-)
Not 1, not 2, not 3 BUT... 4 steps!!! A true multiple step session challenge. Join Yoav, master of Step, to this exciting journey on, around and between the platforms. In this workshop we'll get the basic plan tips of this unique session and then go on an unforgettable multi level step fantasy!
Dance Aerobics:
Cardio Ballet
In the dance world it is generally believed that the classical Ballet is the base of all dance formats; it gives technical foundation and offers a wide variety of moves. Join Yoav's Ballet Company in which every one feels like a ballerina and learn how to combine the classical Ballet repertoire into your Dance Aerobics classes. Instead of point shoes we'll wear a big smile and hit the dance floor in a grand jette!
Some of you are probably too young to remember this cult movie... It was, hot, sexy, full of energy and packed with some great Jazzy dance routines. Join Yoav to this dance aerobics workshop in which we'll discuss the methodology of layering and dance our soul "flashdance style".
Pure Dance Aerobics
This session is a choreography booster! A perfect mix of traditional High / low moves and some funky dance tricks. In this workshop we'll review the principles of teaching a perfectly balanced dance aerobics class and the usage of layering as a tool to your student sense of success and fun!
Born To Dance
Some are born to write, some are born to sing and some... are born to dance! This session is loaded with creative dance aerobics choreography broken down in the most up-to-date teaching techniques gradually taught and layered. If you were born to dance, this is the session for you!!!
Body conditioning & Mind body training
Stability Ball Duo
Did you ever find yourself in a stability ball session not having enough balls for all participants? Well, next time they won't have to go home disappointed!
Join Yoav to this unique and original ball session in which we'll share balls. The recipe is simple - one ball for each couple, original and inspiring ball exercises, and a right blend of flow, strength, stability, grace and you have a winning social session!
Mind Body Stability Ball Challenge
Inhale and dive into the deep world of the Ball. This session is full of creative ball exercise sequences that will challenge even the most experienced participant. Experience a perfect blend of power, softness, balance, concentration and deep core work in this unique class signed by Yoav.
Glide to the Stability Ball future
1+ 1 = 3! Take two amazing pieces of equipment, the gliding discs and stability ball, and you get more than double the challenge, creativity, precision and quality in your workouts. Join Yoav to this journey of core stability, strength, mobility fun joined in numerous exciting new sequences of exercises.
Stability Ball Core & Resistance Journey
Join Yoav to this mind body journey of stability ball creative exercises using theTerra Band. Strength, mobility and stabilization will be required in this challenging session that combines softness and power and will provide you creative Ball sequences.
Stretch journey on the foam roller
The perfect way to start or finish the day. A stretch session, both innovative and relaxing, derived just for you to bring the balance back to your body, using the foam roller. We'll move, roll, get some deep tissue massage and stretch all major muscle groups.
Stretch & Roll with a small Ball
Join Yoav to this mind body journey of flexibility, mobility and stabilization.
This stretch session, both innovative and relaxing, will provide you creative stretching sequences influenced from dance and yoga using a small Pilates ball.
Stretch & Roll on the big Ball
Join Yoav to this mind body journey of flexibility, mobility and stabilization.
This stretch session, both innovative and relaxing, will provide you creative stretching sequences influenced from dance and yoga using a stability ball.
Strong Step Conditioning
Step is with us for more than 20 years and this piece of equipment is so much more than for cardio and choreography! Using only the platforms, raisers and Terra Bands Yoav will lead you to a whole new world of creative strength sequences. This session will be your inspiration pill for your body conditioning classes till we meet again next year :-)
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